Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019

Ordering from our e-shop

For ordering the products successfully from our e-store there are two options. First, just the once order fill up the customer form without registering. Second, the registered user order the advantages of registration include account info about the previous orders, up to date news and other additional possibilities.
In the case a customer has chosen an invoice based payment and does not make the necessary transfers within 15 days, starting with the ordering date, then the order will be cancelled and the customer will receive a notification about the cancellation. That is the case if there is no other negotiated payment arrangement.

You have need for a larger amount of magnets with specific parameters not shown in the product catalogue? Then it is called a special order and there is possible to provide you with exactly suitable products with NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo and Ferrite magnet. Here, the amount, price and product details will be agreed upon individually. Send us description and quantity of the needed products and we will make you the best offer.

For serving our customers with maximum effect we provide in cooperation together with printing houses opportunity to order print-on to magnet materials. Images, logos or text you choose. And it is possible to have special shapes and cut-outs of images.