Friday, 15 Nov 2019

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About Us

The way to magnets, plus magnetism as whole showed itself in accordance with the thought of designing and developing own products. Harnessing induction as a permanent characteristic of permanent magnets looked intriguing enough for a vision in order to take a longer guest into the theme. In the midst of research it came out that for the purpose of practically testing feasibility of the ideas the necessary exemplars were needed to be sought further away from the home market. Answering to own requirements led to the first project sales and piling of the interested enthusiasts took to the now opened e-shop of magnets.

AMAGNET OÜ main characteristic is to function as a high pulling power middleman for magnetic products and ideas. Having taken solid magnetic direction the firm makes feasible for magnets to pull closer from abroad and stands permanently ready for giving and finding sound magnetic advice.


The products we sell have been produced under strict quality and safety regulations, the proof given by several ascribed certificates. Thus, we are 100% sure of the quality of our products.